Did you know that as part of our Compassion In Crisis interactive workshops and performances we offer a special workshop telling the story of The Windrush and the lives of the individuals who came over to Britain to support the rebuilding of the country after the Second World War.

"Thank you for visiting and allowing us to get such a brilliant and enlightening insight into the Windrush scandal. Your friendliness and interactivity allowed us to feel so involved and gave us a better understanding of the events which I am very grateful for." Mayfield Grammar School

We are an award winning theatre company who specialise in inclusive performance/workshops for students from all backgrounds in particular welcoming students with SEND needs.

Bespoken Theatre are proud to introduce their anticipated Schools project Compassion In Crisis.

"Pitch Perfect." Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital school

Compassion In Crisis workshops were set up as a response to living through the current Covid Pandemic.

"Thank you for creating such a comfortable atmosphere and taking the time to look at stories that need to be told. I resonated with your company's aims and I felt that you made theatre feel more accessible and interactive. We need more theatre companies like you" Mayfield Grammar School

Each workshop looks towards how people can continue to care and relate to each other through uncertain times.

These themes are explored through historical events where people were forced to deal with life changing issues.
We look at how people coped in the past and how they managed to rebuild the world after trauma and find recovery

Two of our projects have a specific focus on Black history in Britain.

We have three performance workshops tailored for education. Each workshop is developed to motivate and stimulate individuals and groups of all abilities, using an interactive and sensory live approach. Each workshop is 60-90 minutes long and can be adapted to the needs of each setting.

Workshop 1 The story of Mary Seacole. 
The Nurse who saved many lives during the Crimean War despite discrimination. Using her medical knowledge and personal research into the impact of nature and herbs on healing wounds. This interactive performance encourages students to develop basic first aid skills and explore the use of biodiversity and nature to aid recovery. "Really recommend this for students with SEN or those hesitant to engage socially." Mick Hunter Assistant Head SAFE School.
This workshop is suitable for students aged 9-12.

Workshop 2 Bombs Blitz and Bravery. Handling authentic items from the period, The workshop explores dealing with a catastrophic event in London during the Second World War Blitz attacks. We find out how people really coped with war-torn Britain, questioning the myths behind the Blitz Spirit and questioning if Londoners really did pull together and 'make do and mend'. "THE STUDENTS ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT." Juliet Morris Head Teacher Cleeve Meadow School.
This workshop is suitable for students 12-15 plus.

Workshop 3 The Windrush. Our final instalment looks at how Britain was rebuilt after the Second World War and how people travelled from the Caribbean on the HMS Windrush to support the NHS and other industries after the damage caused by the second world war. This interactive performance focuses on overcoming discrimination and prejudice whilst trying to care for ourselves and others using song, dance and craft activities. "Truly Interactive and inclusive engaging our most hard to reach students." Executive Head, Jenni Tyler- Maher. T-KAT Academies
This workshop is suitable for most groups aged between 9-15 plus

Each workshop can be developed as a working trilogy in each setting or can be an individual stand alone experience.

Please contact bespokentheatre@gmail.com for further information, and bookings and our fabulous website for more info at www.bespokentheatre.com