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“Children in urban communities suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome in higher proportions than veterans, and they need therapeutic outlets, which arts and drama has proven to provide.”-Aja Brown

We are a multi-diverse -divergent led award winning community theatre company, that promotes understanding of the mental health issues that can impact on any of us at any given time in our lives.

Bespoken began its journey as resident theatre company at The Bethlem Hospital School in 2019.

Our primary focus was too work with those young people experiencing mental health illness, including depression, anxiety, self-harm and psychosis. Supporting those who couldn’t access the joy of theatre in the traditional sense.

Our aim was to bring high quality theatre to hospitals and other specialist settings involving participants from a variety of backgrounds.

We developed an interactive and sensory approach in our work which meant that our most vulnerable individuals in society could feel included.

Since then our work has expanded and developed in other specialist settings including Mother and Baby Units, Schools, community groups and museums including The Old Operating Theatre.

Our projects always focus on the unheard voices within history/herstory and in society today. We have a special interest in developing the unheard voices in women and mental health. These projects have led to both community and professional projects including the play Ordinary performed at The Old Operating Theatre in 2021.

In 2021, Bespoken was also awarded a Carnegie Silver Award due to its delivery of mental health projects in Cleeve Meadow School.

During the recent pandemic, Bespoken created a trilogy of performances entitled Compassion In Crisis. Each performance looked to history to explore how individuals coped with trauma and rebuilt their lives and communities after catastrophic world events. Two of these projects have a focus on Black British History including The Windrush Story.

Bespoken plan to evolve these projects over the next few years as the world recovers after crisis. We believe our company highlights the necessity of mental health treatment now more than ever.

Bespoken also work closely with Kew Gardens. This enables our company to work with the important of the senses and nature in developing a mindful and nurturing approach to mental health management and recovery.