We’ve Got The Power! Summer 2022

Bespoken Theatre returned to Cleeve Meadow this week to run a workshop called We’ve Got the Power. The workshop was created for all the girls at Cleeve Meadow. The workshop explored what it means to be a young woman in 2022. How did women change history and shape our future and how can we learn from these inspirational women from the past?

We explored the lives of Helen Keller, Pat Thomas, Josephine Baker and Greta Thunberg through role play and discussion. We learned that all these women overcame difficult challenges to make the world a better place for everyone regardless of disability, gender, social expectation and deprivation.

The students finished the workshop by writing a collaborative poem about what it is to be a young woman and it is fantastic.

What Are Young Women Made Of?

Written by Cleeve Meadow students

(based on the 1877 poem what are girls made off)

What are young women made of?

We are kind and we can do what we want

We are all amazing!

Amazing, funny, cute, pretty and strong 

Young women are made of power

Autistic girls have a super power

Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai meet at Oxford University | UK news |  The Guardian


Power, strong, strength, cute, smart, kind

All Women are strong, powerful and have rights

Happy and proud!

We can do whatever we want and we have rights

                              Girls can sing and wear whatever they want to              

Billie Eilish's surprising Glastonbury Festival backstage rider -  Birmingham Live

Women are strong and powerful they are intelligent people

Women are strong and kind and definitely independent

Women are powerful and kind. We have the power to speak

When Women are powerful, we can be free.

Women should be happy in what they are wearing without boys looking at them. 

They should be their own person.

Fearlessness and power.

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Women are made of steel and iron

Free to be what they want to be

They are powerful and they are kind and clever

My family is nice 

Sometimes sugar, sometimes spice

Happy and proud!

Anne Frank | Biography, Age, Death, & Facts | Britannica

We believe all our young women are inspiring. 

 We’ve got the power and we are all amazing

That’s what young women are made of!