Waiting For ????????

Take a table of props and costumes ... a group of creative young people .... 2 actors .... an artistic director .... and what you get is a brilliant, life affirming, funny and quite joyous day. The culmination of our Waiting project at Bethlem was inspiring.  

 Waiting For Godot, written in 1948 was seen as an Absurdist response to a chaotic world turned upside down. As a company we feel there is so much about this play that inspires what is happening or not happening in our modern world today and great to introduce it to a younger audience.

Inspired by Beckett's concept of a circular script and the long wait from a Godot that nevers appears, our students wrote scenes on the idea of Waiting and what they might mean in our society today.

The writing by the students was simply fantastic and themes included  online dating, Environmentalism, secrets and lies  and controversial  American political figures.

The students got to direct professional actors from Bespoken in their scenes. It was great to see the scripts bought to life. This is a project that we hope to extend and offer to other settings working with young people in the future, giving them a voice to reflect on their world as they see it.