The  story so far!
Old Operating Theatre
One of our regular characters is Willow who was epecially created  for the Old Operating Museum. She was back for a visit in February Half Term, totally loved up for Valentines Day. Looking for advice on how to heal a broken heart?  Or how to welcome love into your life? Willow is always on hand for helpful herbal hints! 
Hopefully she will be back soon! 

Gunnersbury Park Museum

Who would not jump at the chance to get closer to aliens?!? We certainly did when this Easter we were once again commissioned by Gunnersbury Park Museum to create their family event. Inspired by the exhibition Set To Stun. Our search for chocolate treats took us through the starry skies and into the secret world of code breaking and secret messages all in order to save some alien eggs! Luna had a lot of fun as you can see!

The Windrush Project

Remembering our family histories  and sharing them with others is an important way of keeping the past alive  -  not just for remembering our loved ones and their journeys but also for learning important lessons from history  and its defining moments.

Our actor, Gabriella Shillingford, shares her family Windrush story in our ever popular interactive performance.
Recently, we had a great day working with the students at Mayfield Grammer School:

"Thank you for creating such a comfortable atmosphere  and taking the time to look at stories that need to be told. I resonated with your company's aims and I felt that you made theatre feel more accessible  and interactive. We need more theatre companies like you"

"Thank you for visiting and allowing us to get such a brilliant and enlightening insight into the Windrush scandal. Your friendliness and interactivity allowed us to feel so involved and gave us a better understanding of the events which I am very grateful for."

"Normally I feel quite nervous about going to the theatre due to the loudness and lights but, seeing your performance, I felt so grateful to have been able to experience a piece of your theatre and feel as though I was completely at ease. Thank you."

"Thank you for enlightening us about Windrush and showing the impact it had on people. I really thought thr switch in from a very happy upbeat atmosphere to a more sombre and sad one was really impactful and I'm just really grateful to have watched it as I really enjoyed it."

"It was informative, immersive and inspiring. We all left with new knowledge and appreciation for the history and culture of Dominica and Windrush."

Other projects this year include another collaboration with Kay Adshead and The Mama Quilla Initiative on a new project entitled Women And War. Watch this space for more details. 

For any information on Bespoken Theatre and our projects please contact Cherie and Abi at