From Strength To Strength With Kew Gardens Feb-Mar 2020

Our work with Kew Gardens has continued to flourish this year. From what makes plants grow to fungi to cocoa and now the uplifting story of Marianne North we have been continually challenged to find exciting ways to present science to families.

 Also it has reminded us how important our links with nature are. To preserve our earth, look after endangered plants, appreciate or just simply breath in nature are all things we should be doing more.

 Particularly in this time of the Covid - 19 epidemic I am sure we are feeling very grateful for what we have at a time when getting the food we need and even a simple walk in our favourite spot is hard. It all comes back to the natural world and we should be doing all we can to learn the lessons that we need to to make the future great.

Our last project, Miss North's Wonderful Adventures saw record breaking audiences, a run extension, great feedback and even a visit from Miss North's real life descendants - her great great nieces and their families. What an honour to perform in front of her family and a brilliant way to end the project.